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                 The Team

Brendan Hunt

Managing Director

Brendan created Vicsail in 1983 after coming back from sailing the Pacific. Australia was winning the Americas Cup, so it seemed logical to keep sailing and avoid going back to teaching music and singing in “Yachtie” bars. An enthusiast in life! Passionate about his work, he loves boats, and he loves to sail. But that isn’t all, a very down to earth human being. Loves spending time with his family, dogs, and friends. Brendan enjoys weekends with his wife Jo up the coast on the beach, a time for swimming & surfing and for sailing on one of his classic timber boats! If you can’t find him in the water – you will for sure hear him playing a guitar and singing along with his band.

David Sampson

Sales Director

David has been involved with the Professional Yachting Industry for the past 25 years, specialising in Yacht Racing, Composite Yacht Construction and Project Management of new builds and re-fit projects. He also sails professionally for several Australian and overseas yacht teams. This variety of activity and endless experiences keeps David at the forefront of development in yachting which trickles down to each project. A straight up guy who will always do his best!. Always friendly and ready to assist, he’s a sensible, easy-going, and approachable kind of person who finds joy in the little things. He’s a doer and a go-getter, but he also appreciates some fun along the way. Family plays a very big part in his life! A dad of three, he knows that time is scarce and precious.

Matt Cumming

Sales & Photo/Video

A very handy guy and a big heart! Our Matt is a very capable sailor, he is also a very talented photographer, and we are lucky to have him but that’s just on the surface. The truth is that Matt just loves fixing things; be it a boat, a house, an old compass- you name it. Amazing family guy, with two girls, wife, and cute dogs. In his free time, you can see him sailing, playing songs with his daughter, or doing hundreds of other things that keep him occupied. He’s a very creative guy, his laughter brings joy to the entire team!

Heidi McIntyre

Office Manager & Sales Support

Heidi has extensive experience in office administration and prides herself on providing the highest level of professional support and guidance. Based in Cairns, FNQ for 40 years- working in the Real Estate Industry. Heidi relocated to Sydney in 2021 to support her family and an opportunity arose to work alongside the exceptional team at Vicsail, one which she begged Matt to give her. Growing up exploring the Great Barrier Reef, its atolls and tributaries as a child became a priority with her own family and we have been lucky enough to share our experiences and be a part of something spectacular. The dream was always to be involved in the boating industry and so every day she is inspired and excited to continue the journey.

Agata Gorska

Marketing & Project Management

Polish girl with marketing and social media experience from several international agencies. Moved to Sydney in 2018, hoping for a one-year adventure, and she’s still here. Usually around the water, otherwise hiking, snowboarding, or just enjoying a good movie with a glass of wine. Very easy going and keen to help others. Open for adventures and learning new things. Agata takes care of all marketing aspects and helps the team to stay organised and up to date with all new build projects at Vicsail.

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